For a stronger Arkansas

You’ve done an excellent job preparing them for their future. And with the Arkansas Fellowship, you can help them get there, too.

The Arkansas Fellowship seeks to attract and retain Arkansas’s brightest entrepreneurial talent, by partnering with the state’s leading universities and most ambitious companies. The Arkansas Fellowship offers a two-year fellowship program to a select group of graduating college seniors, and focuses on developing the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders in the state of Arkansas.

The program is designed for accomplished and highly motivated undergraduates who are seeking world-class entrepreneurial experiences following graduation. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to kick-start their professional futures through paid positions with some of Arkansas’s most dynamic and flourishing companies.

The success of the Arkansas Fellowship depends on the partnership and support of participating colleges and universities. Faculty and staff are integral to helping the Fellowship identify the best and most promising talent, while opening new doors to careers for their graduates.

The universities join the fellowship as partners to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders in the state of Arkansas.