Help Shape the Future of Arkansas

The Arkansas Fellowship offers a two-year fellowship program to a select group of graduating college seniors. Our goal is to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders for the state of Arkansas by partnering with the state’s leading universities and most ambitious, high-growth companies.

What’s a Mentor Company?

The Arkansas Fellowship mentor companies represent the most entrepreneurial, progressive, and successful high-growth companies in Arkansas. Mentor companies are committed to providing an environment where our state’s most promising graduates can be encouraged, challenged, and nurtured.

What Do Mentor Companies Provide?

Mentor companies provide participating fellows with a unique professional experience that is world-class in terms of breadth, depth, and opportunity. Mentor companies are tasked with counseling The Fellows by challenging them with important projects and lofty goals designed to accelerate their professional and entrepreneurial maturation. Mentor companies are required to connect The Fellows with executive-level management in order to foster deep networking opportunities and increase their fluency in C-level discussions and interactions, all in preparation for a future of exemplary leadership and opportunity.